Adoption FAQ's


Q. Why is your adoption process so different from a shelter?

A: Unlike traditional shelters, Rockstar Cocker Rescue doesn’t adopt our dogs out on a first come first serve basis. We interview every family interested and choose the best fit for the dog. We want to make sure we find the perfect family for each dog and that you get the best dog for your lifestyle.

Q: How can I be sure the dog I'm adopting is healthy?

A:  Each and every animal is spayed/neutered (altered) prior to placement. We also ensure that each dog is current on rabies, distemper and bordatella vaccines, heartworm tested, wormed and microchipped. While in rescue, they are fed quality, grain free food that we encourage after placement. All of our available cockers have been seen by a veterinarian at least once, if not a number of times to address all health concerns related to each dog. Other items that may be addressed are ears, eyes and teeth to ensure a healthy dog is being placed with you.

Q. Do you adopt to renters or to homes that do not have above ground fences?

  A: Yes! We look for the best home for the dogs we help, taking into account their needs for home size, fenced yards or green space, the level of foot traffic, and much more. We also require landlord contact information and abide by any breed or size restrictions they have at the rental. Certain dogs, due to their background, will require a fence, but many others do not.

Q. What if I adopt a dog and it doesn’t work out?

  A: Rockstar is very successful at rehoming dogs to “forever” homes, but on the rare occasion an adoption may not work out. We will work with you to resolve the issue(s) at hand to make a happy home for all. If it is deemed necessary to remove the dog, we make every effort to take the pet back into the program if there is a foster home available.

Q. We have children/dogs/cats/elderly parents in our home? Can we adopt from you?

  A: Our adoption coordinator will talk to each applicant regarding which dog will or will not work in each home’s situation. We do our best to evaluate in our foster homes preferences of each of our adoptable cockers in regards to other dogs, cats, birds, etc.

Q. Why do you charge an adoption fee and why is it more than a shelter?

A: Every adoption fee is applied back to the rescue in an effort to recuperate some of the costs to prepare a cocker for adoption. Rarely does the adoption fee cover all of the costs incurred by the rescue, but this does not keep us from trying to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home many of these deserving cockers. Rockstar Cocker Rescue relies heavily on donations, grants and fundraising to continue our mission.