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Anna is a sweet, mature cocker female that came into rescue as an owner surrender when her owner went into a nursing home and could no longer care for her. Anna is approximately 14 years old and would make a great companion cocker for a senior citizen. She is mostly deaf but does get anxious with thunderstorms. She is a wonderful cocker who just wants to be in a home for her best years to come.

Brynlee - Adoption Pending


 Brynlee, or Bryn for short, is a sweet young lady looking for an experienced and knowledgeable adoptive home. She is a double merle, so her home will need to know what is involved with these genetic messes that ignorant puppy mills create for their unique coat and eye coloring. The sad truth is they are typically deaf and blind, and that is why Brynlee came to us. She is only 3 years old and her litters were blind and deaf, so of no monetary value to the miller. Brynlee has definitely blossomed in rescue and is very puppy in her actions while she learns how to "be a house pet/dog". She is sight and hearing challenged but manages well with her limitations. 

Gracie Boo


 What are the odds of having two chocolate female cockers come into rescue with the same name? This is Gracie and we are adding Boo to her name to keep them from being confused.  Gracie Boo is 7 years old and came in with her buddy Snickers. They are a bonded pair that will be adopted and placed together. Gracie Boo just came in from a shelter in central Iowa as an owner surrender when her person could no longer care for them. She is barkey with men and is shy, but warms up quickly. She is good with cats and other dogs, but right now she feels she needs to be protective of Snickers. She has typical cocker ears and we will continue to clean and clear them up while we get to know her. 

Molly May - Adoption Pending


Molly May is a gorgeous sable cocker that came to us via a rescue in SD. She is 8 years old but very active and playful, making her seem much younger. She gets along with the other cocker in her foster home and seems to like all people as well. She does have occasional seizures and we are trying to find out what might be a trigger. She is on a light dose of medication. Molly May is ready to entertain applications and start on her next home that will take her for walks and let her enjoy life; could it be you?

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Snickers - Adoption Pending


  Snickers is the lovey, snuggly, kissy cocker everyone wants to love on. He is a bigger cocker at 40 pounds, and may be more along the lines of a field spaniel or English cocker build. Snickers is 8 years old and a handsome chocolate boy. He is good with cats and dogs, as well as people of all ages, and he seems to really enjoy adoption events and thrives on the attention he receives.  

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