Female Rockstars

Lu Lu


 Lu Lu is a sweet 8 year old female that has some separation anxiety, but would do well in a home with a retired person or couple that take their baby everywhere with them. She is house trained, and she gets along great with other dogs, cats, all kinds of people big and small, and adores being the center of attention. Lu Lu has had some bladder stones removed, so we are working on the perfect diet for her to help her shed her extra weight as well. Lu Lu also has cataracts so is slightly sight impaired, but manages fine.  

Male Rockstars



Hunter is a very handsome, mature cocker of 13 years, however, after an in depth vet check up the vet has declared he is as healthy as a much younger cocker and he could have many great years left. He is a great companion and does well with other dogs in the home. He was an owner surrender after outliving several of his people and the family that ended up with him could not provide for him so contacted us. We would love to see Hunter in a home that will dote on him and give him his golden years he so deserves. He is somewhat deaf, but sees hand signals well for communication and understanding



Rumple is a very handsome and sweet cocker/doodle mix, that came to us from an IN shelter after being abused in his last home. Rumple is estimated to be 8-9 years old, and other than some skin issues we are attempting to see if we can clear up or if it is alopecia (a balding issue), he is very healthy and ready for a forever home. He did very well at a local event, and while some dogs do seem to upset him, he is overall a very happy boy. We think he would flourish in a  home where he is the spoiled one and only he so deserves. Rumple is house trained, but not fond of crating with the door shut.



 Sammy is an 8 year old boy that was adopted out of a shelter in IA and then his person developed dementia, so rescue took him in to find him a home. He is sweet, gets along with the other dogs and people, and will make a great companion. Due to his needs not being attended to he had to learn his house training skills over again. We are getting his ears in good condition, and his new people will need to be diligent with his ear upkeep and proper nutrition.  Rescue recently had Sammy's left eye removed due to glaucoma and lens issues, but he has good vision in his remaining eye, and has now joined the adorable "Winker" Club. Once he is healed up we will update his photo. This boy has personality and charm.

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