Female Rockstars

Izzy - Adoption Pending


  Izzy is a gorgeous black and white parti female who is 3 years old. She came to us from a puppy mill in MO and she is learning how to be a playful dog now that she has her freedom. She is currently in the play and destruct mode with tennis balls, and is potty trained and has some leash skills. Preference will be given to those with mill dog or cocker experience, but overall, we just want the right fit for each of these pups! 

Sophia Grace - Adoption Pending


Sophia is a beautiful 6 year old female cocker that came into rescue with her best friend, Abrahms (Abe), and they will be placed together as a bonded pair only. Sophia tends to be the more dominant of the two and is houes and crate trained. They are used to walking on a leash and they look forward to heading into their new lives with family that will include them in their activities and have time for them.

Male Rockstars

Abe (Abrams Tank) - Adoption Pending


 Abe is a handsome buff, 7 year old that came into rescue with his friend, Sophia.  Abe is also house and crate trained, and familiar with walking on a leash. Abe would love to have a family to call his and that includes Sophia. They are both nice cocker spaniels that just want more time with their people and not being cooped up in a kennel 8-9 hours a day.

Dustin - Adoption Pending


Dustin is a charmer, and a funny boy that is looking for a home to chill out in and be himself. Dustin came to rescue from a shelter in Chicago as an owner surrender when his owner passed and the person taking him in just couldn't care for him. Dustin is 7 years old, and a gorgeous red sable coloring, and he was reported to be a resource guarder. We are not seeing that so much as he needs to build trust, especially with his veterinarian. Dustin is house trained, was obedient for his bath and grooming, and is getting along great with the other cockers in his foster home. His eyes and ears were very inflamed coming in so he is being treated for that, he had just been neutered, and we think once that is under control he will be a happier boy with his vet. This is a trainable issue that will require an understanding adopter and vet.



Hunter is a very handsome, mature cocker of 13 years, however, after an in depth vet check up the vet has declared he is as healthy as a much younger cocker and he could have many great years left. He is a great companion and does well with other dogs in the home. He was an owner surrender after outliving several of his people and the family that ended up with him could not provide for him so contacted us. We would love to see Hunter in a home that will dote on him and give him his golden years he so deserves. He is somewhat deaf, but sees hand signals well for communication and understanding

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