Female Rockstars

Fannie May


Fannie May is a sweet chocolate and cream winking treat that is looking for a calmer home to belong with. She came into rescue after being found as a stray in WI and no one claimed her. She is not used to rambunctious dogs, but is understanding to more mature dogs if she has to share her peson or people. She is housetrained and is completing her health check up and she will be ready to go.  Fannie May loves balls and stuffy toys. She is estimated to be between 5 and 8 years old, and we will have the vet give a closer estimate when she is seen. This could be the sweet treat you have been craving; don't deny yourself!



Zoe is a silly and adorable girl that is 12+ years old, and she came to us from a shelter in IN, abandoned in her older years. Zoe has not given up on life and is living it to the fullest in her foster home. She stomps her feet when she feels you are not feeding her fast enough, and Zoe feels food is very important; she came in at 40+ pounds. She has been vetted and her ears and teeth have been taken care of properly; she is on a healthy and proper diet, and is available to just the right home!

Male Rockstars



Bandit is a handsome chocolate male estimated to be 5-6 years old. He came into rescue after living  outdoors; someone noticed him and got him into rescue where he could be cleaned up. Rescue will get to know more about him while we get his vetting completed and his personality evaluated in his foster home. Bandit is a stealer of hearts, and he was sweet while being cleaned up of the sticks and burrs in his fur. He will be fostered in N TN, so we will look for a home in that vicinity first. If we do not find a suitable home there we will consider bringing him north for the right application.

Bruno Mars


Bruno is an estimated 6 year old "Comfort Cocker", a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever. Bruno came to rescue from a shelter in Memphis, TN in pretty rough shape, but has healed up well and showing the world how much of a lover he is. He loves every one and every thing. He has grown in a nice coat and his full tail and nose bridge are healed up. He has a mouth of worn down teeth and we think he may have been a breeder dog that was dumped when he turned up heartworm +. He has no issues eating kibble. Bruno has completed both sets of shots for his heartworm treatment and is in the homestretch of his resting period. He loves the snow and loves the freedom of having a dog door and fenced yard to venture out into. We feel his best forever home fit would be a home with kids to play with and a nice fenced yard to have adventure and freedom in.



Duke is a handsome, smaller buff male Cocker that came to rescue from a Craigslist ad. He is 3-4 years old and has a lot of puppy play in him. He loves women, but right now men scare him and he will hide to avoid the fear he has. This will diminish with time, love and patience. Duke will be receiving his vetting and neuter, and we will post more as we get to know him. He is currently located in NW TN so we would like to see if he can be placed in that area before we entertain the idea of bringing him north.



 Sammy is a 7- 8 year old boy that was adopted out of a shelter in IA and then his person developed dementia, so rescue took him in to find him a home. He is sweet, gets along with the other dogs and people, and will make a great companion. Due to his needs not being attended to he had to learn his house training skills over again. We are getting his ears in good condition, and his new people will need to be diligent with his ear upkeep and proper nutrition. 

Male Rockstars (cont.)

Andy - Adoption Pending


 Andy is a 6 year old male cocker that came to rescue from a shelter in IN. He was estimated much older because of his skin condition and general neglected condition, but we see the young boy in him after only 2 weeks in his foster home. He is sweet, loves to be around people, and gets along with other dogs as well. He loves his toys and once we get his skin and ears cleared up and his neuter complete, he will be ready to place. He will be a terrific addition to any family.