Fostering - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am interested in fostering, but I can't afford another dog? Can I still help?

Yes! Rescue covers all vetting costs that are approved; provides quality food for its foster homes, and any supplies or medications that your foster will need while in your care. All you provide is love and some basic training for some of them.

Q. What is required of a foster home that helps rescue?

We ask that our foster homes provide daily care and attention, which will give us an idea of what needs to be taught for the dog to be adoptable. Taking your foster to the groomer or vet may also be required. We also have meet and greet adoption events all over, and if you can attend them with your foster, it helps to get them adopted.

Q. How does helping foster really save lives?

By opening your home to a foster dog or two, this allows the rescue to speak up for a dog in need of rescue. If it is a shelter dog, you save their life by being available and they don't have to wait. Sometimes an owner needs to surrender a loved pet (or a  bonded pair) and knowing they would fit into your household dynamics until adopted keeps them out of the shelters. A foster home is clearly a life preserver for these dogs.

Q. I have been fostering Fido for 4 weeks now, and can't see him leaving; can I adopt him?

Yes, we see "foster failure" quite often, and No, you are not a failure. If your foster is currently available for adoption and there are no pending applications on him (her), you may apply to adopt them. We hope that by adopting, you will still have room in your home and heart to continue fostering.

Q. I do not live in the upper Midwest - would I be able to foster for you?

We would be thrilled to talk with you and see if that is a possibility! We do have "remote" foster homes in different areas, and if we can work your location into our network, we would be happy to have you as a foster home.